Recycled water corrosion and scale inhibitor CAS No. 15827-60-8
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Product Description
Recycled water corrosion and scale inhibitor
CAS No. 15827-60-8
Other names:
Diethylene triamine penta (methylene phosphonic acid)
Appearance: white or light yellow powder
PH(1% aqueous solution): 8.0-10.0
This product is mainly compound from nitrite, molybdate, copper corrosion inhibitor, as well as auxiliary agent. Is one of the most widely used in the closed system,, the most outstanding performance inhibitor. Have good corrosion inhibition performance on carbon steel, copper, alloy steel, aluminum.
Be suit for corrosion inhibition of ethylene glycol, methanol, ethanol, industrial water, demineralized water as the refrigerant, chilled water and hot water system. Water phase corrosion inhibitor is for antifreeze, oil tankers, and tank. Also applies to central air conditioning chilled water system.
Method of application
One-time investment according to maintain water(1000-1500)mg/L, normal operation of calculation in accordance with the initial dosage of 1.3 times the amount invested in expansion tank.
Packaging and Storage This product is 25KG cardboard drum lined with plastic packaging. Stored in a cool indoor ventilation, valid for one year.