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Russia Jan-Nov PP production down by 2.6% year on year

  • Dec.25,2018
  • Source: ICIS News

Russia’s production of polypropylene (PP) fell in January-November by 2.6% year on year, according to MRC’s ScanPlast report.

Despite the overall decline, only two Russian producers out of seven decreased their PP output.

November output by local producers increased to 91,100 tonnes compared with 75,700 tonnes in October when problems at some plants remained.

Russia’s overall PP production reached 1.24m tonnes in the first eleven months of 2018, compared to 1.27m tonnes a year earlier. Only SIBUR Tobolsk and Ufaorgsintez reduced operating time, while other producers managed to increase their output.

The structure of PP production by plants looked the following way over the stated period:

Sibur Tobolsk had to cut capacity utilisation in November due to problems with propylene.

Total polypropylene production reached 18,700 tonnes against 8,400 tonnes in October, when plant was shut for a three-week turnaround.

The Tobolsk plant’s total PP production reached 389,400 tonnes in the first eleven months of 2018, down by 16% year on year. The decline in production was a result of two shutdowns for scheduled maintenance this year.

Omsk Poliom (Titan) in November produced about 17,600 tonnes compared to 11,600 tonnes a month earlier; the plant shut PP production capacities for 10 days turnaround in early October.

Total PP production at the plant over the reported period was about 195,200 tonnes, up 4% year on year.

Nizhnekamskneftekhim produced 17,800 tonnes of propylene polymers in November versus 18,800 tonnes a month earlier.

The producer’s PP output increased to 197,300 tonnes in January-November 2018 compared with 193,300 tonnes year on year.

Tomskneftekhim last month produced about 12,400 tonnes against 12,800 tonnes a month earlier. The plant in the first 10 months of 2018 produced 128,900 tonnes, practically the same as in 2017.

Ufaorgsintez’s PP output increased to about 9,700 tonnes in November from 3,500 tonnes a month earlier. The producer shut down its production capacities for a month-long turnaround on 20 September and in early November due to problems with the feedstock.

Overall output of polymer at the Ufa plant fell to 107,900 tonnes in January-November 2018, compared to 113,500 tonnes a year earlier.

Neftekhimiya (Kapotnya) last month produced about 10,200 tonnes of PP, compared with 11,900 tonnes in October. The plant’s overall PP output reached 121,200 tonnes over the stated period, up 28% year on year.

A low indicator of the current year was a result of a long scheduled maintenance works in March-April.

Stavrolen (LUKOIL) last month shut its capacity utilisation for short maintenance works in November. Total polypropylene production had dropped to 7,600 tonnes against 8,700 tonnes in October. Overall production of propylene polymers at the Budenovsk plant reached 99,900 tonnes in the first 10 months of 2018 against 92,300 tonnes year on year.